Ambassadors Club

Want to become LàB ambassador ? we expect you in the Club
Luxe à Boire search partners with expertise in the world of great wines, motivated, open-minded and good interpersonal skills. Professionals, managers or private, interested in building a partnership.

Best Sommeliers    Kastell Eyckholt    Simone Ferracci - Rome Italy

Are you:

  • a professional sommelier ?
  • a restaurant manager of a great restaurant ?
  • a food & beverage manager of a luxury hotel ?
  • Are you a private citizen with a passion and knowledge of great wines ?

Would you like:

  • to be the ambassador  of exclusive Luxe à Boire collections  ?
  • treat relational activities of Luxe à Boire with the great restaurants and luxury hotels ?
  • organize a refined tastings of fine wines from the collections Luxe à Boire ?
  • obtain important job and economic satisfactions ?

What is LàB Tasting ?
It is an event that brings together for a few hours a select number of people involved, for business or passion, the various world of luxury food & wine. It’s dedicated to connoisseurs and lovers of high quality wines. All wines offered for these tasting belong from the Luxe à Boire Collections and are selected by the best professional sommeliers.

Work with us - Rosteeren Netherlands  Work with us - Rostereen Netherlands  Work with us - Rostereen - Netherlands

Where it take place ?
It can be organized in the hall of a restaurant, a hotel or a club. If the guests are friends can be organized in a private home, as an opportunity to spend an afternoon in the company of nice people known. Anyway Luxe à Boire, on request, provides the availability of its representative rooms in Paris and Rome and other prestigious halls in major European cities.

Gala ambassadors
It is planned to organize an exclusive gala every year in a different region and in places of particular artistic prestige, landscape and gastronomic.

Brancaccio Palace - Rome  Brancaccio Palace - Gala with tasting  Brancaccio Palace - Gala tasting

If you want to know more see the page “BestClub” and contact us at the following address: