The Valpolicella
The province of Verona, located in the southwestern part of the Veneto, is close to the eastern shore of Lake Garda, known for the beauty of its landscape, rich in small villages with villas, castles, monasteries and ancient Romanesque churches. In the heart of the province, is the Valpolicella, a wealth of flavors, where, between the magnificent villas, symbol of ancient and refined prosperity, the wine tradition dominates as a characteristic element of the territory in which are produced fine wines, including the prestigious Amarone.

vigneti della Valpolicella  vigneti della Valpolicella  Vigneti di Soave

The Valpolicella has always been a fertile territory, rich in water and vegetation, these qualities that enabled human settlements already in the primitive age. In the period of the Risorgimento for its wealth and its reputation of salubrious place, attracts the attention of the aristocracy of the time and its hills begin to get rich of villas, inhabited by the rich nobility of Verona and Venice, surrounded by beautiful gardens and impressive parks, as well as by the unfailing vineyards.

Villa Santa Costanza   Villa Arvedi   Villa Fraccaroli

These beautiful country residences are still one of the riches of Valpolicella: most of them are still inhabited, others have been converted into agricultural companies, others in luxury hotels.

Cloister of the Lomgobard Romanic Pieve  Garda Lake   Pieve of San Floriano
The typical cuisine – The oil from Verona territory
The Veronese cuisine is varied: dishes of humble peasant tradition and sumptuous recipes, dishes of land from the hills and delicate typical fish of Lake Garda. Noble dishes and humble traditions. A long time dominated by the nearby Venice and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the territory today testifies to the ancient past in the culinary field. Even in Verona and in Valpolicella can be distinguished in fact a rich cuisine and sumptuous, “court” made of delicious meat and elaborate recipes, and a clear imprint, rural and poor made of polenta and potatoes, once only food for the less nots.

Antica Osteria le Piere  Antica Osteria Valpolicella  Trattoria dal Taio  Trattoria dal Taio Parona

This territory proudly produces its extra virgin olive oils. The cultivation of the olive was introduced here by the Romans, it knew ups and downs over the centuries and was revived successfully after the First World War. Today the extra virgin olive Veneto Valpolicella DOP and Eastern Garda DOP represent the best seasonings to raw land, delicious to accompany the dishes but also used for cooking. The particularly favorable climate for the plant makes possible the collection of delicious, healthy fruit and rigid discipline that regulate the process guarantee products of the highest standard.

Luxe à Boire Collections : Conti di Gorgo great wines of Veneto

Amarone della Valpolicella Villa Gorgo                      Amarone della Valpolicella Villa Gorgo                    Amarone della Valpolicella Villa Gorgo

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