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Where to taste wines Luxe à Boire
For reasons of corporate strategy we not served groups of large retailers and wine shops. So private customers interested in buying the wine of the collections Luxe à Boire can make purchases directly by consulting the Catalogue of the collections, while business customers can enter, requiring psw email, in the areas reserved for them to consult lists and conditions.

Spondi – 2 stars Michelin
Pirronos – Athens

Spondi Restaurant Athens  Spondi Restaurant Athens  Spondi-Restaurant Athens  garden
Spondi     Spondi caption     Spondi    Spondi    Spondi     Spondi     Spondi

Botrini’s  –  1 star Michelin
Vasileos Georgiou Defterou  – Halandri  Athens

Botrin's  Botrini's  botrini's
Botrini's      Botrini's    Botrini's    Botrini's     Botrini's     Botrini's     Botrini's

GB Roof Garden Hotel Grande Bretagne – selected Michelin
Constitution Square – Athens

Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens  Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens   GB Roof Garden Restaurant  AthensGB Roof Garden Restaurant      GB Roof Garden Restaurant     GB Roof Garden Restaurant     GB Roof Garden Restaurant   lobster-with-linguini      tuna-tartare     salad

Ioannis Roof Garden of the Royal Olimpic Hotel
Athanasiou Diakou  –  Athens

Restaurant Ioannis  Restaurant Ioannis  ioannis-roof-garden-restaurant
Ioannis Restaurant      Ioannis Restaurant     Ioannis Restaurant       Ioannis Restaurant      caption     Balik    Royal Olimpic