Beautiful tables

Laying a beautiful table
A table well prepared, is indicative of refinement and good manners and also shows the attention and care that the owners have towards guests. The table should be large enough so that the guests are comfortable. But it should also not be too large, with excessive distances between an invitee and the other, because this could cool the conversation. The tablecloth can be linen, cotton, patterned or plain, as preferred: it is important that it is suitable for the occasion, more or less elegant, and that accords with the dishes.

Luxe at table       
In place of the tablecloth is possible to use place mats, one for each diner. For this type of service must have a nice table. To embellish a table centerpiece will be highly effective. The compositions of flowers or fruits are good on any table, and for a very romantic evening and a fine pair of candlesticks is ideal. The compositions must be low and compact so as not to impede movement and does not block the view of the diners. The candelabra should be lit only after sunset and must be high, so that the flame is not at eye level.

Luxe at table Laying the beautiful table Luxe at table

When the service is performed by one or more waiters there stands only one dish – at lunch if there is a thin soup will also bring bowls or cups for the consommé. When instead there is no service, it may lay up to three dishes, for the entree, the first and the second. The position of the cutlery is fixed: the forks to the left of the plate, in the order as normal and fish, to the right of the knives, and normal fish, with the blade facing the plate, and soup spoon. The dessert cutlery are arranged horizontally in front of the plate, the fork with the handle facing to the left and the spoon to the right. Between the two can also be added to the knife. It ‘better to lay the cutlery with fork prongs and the hollow of the spoon downward. This provision was a rule to show the digits engraved on the silverware.

Laying the beautiful table Laying the beautiful table Laying the beautiful table
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