Don Riccardo Tintilia del Molise Riserva 2007 Castello di Gambatesa

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Production area Molise Region Don Riccardo Tintilia del Molise Castello di Gambatesa
Denomination Tintilia DOC del Molise
Vintage 2007
N. of Bottles available 12 numbered
Bottle Burgundy 750 ml
Grape variety Tintilia
Area of plantation Campobasso
Age of vineyard 100 anni
Soil composition Calcareous, clay
Harvest time September
Plants per hectare 2500

Maceration on the skins for 22 Gg. – Alcoholic fermentation: 18/22 degrees – malolactic fermentation: Full

Aging In oak barrels for 36 months and in bottle for 12 months
Characteristics Wine of great intensity, where the spiciness dominates the tasting
Gradation 14% alcohol.
Acidity 4,70 g/l
Colour Deep garnet red with violet reflections
Bouquet Winey and inebriating scent, with light hints of fruit and a background of licorice blacks
Taste Dry and dry
Aftertaste Persistent, long on one end of vanilla and liquorice


Our Sommelier Gennaro Buono suggests

Decant and serve in large glasses at a temperature of 18 ° C.La its vinous note and spicy allows him to be a good companion of fat dishes, intense, following the tradition of regional stews and sausages.

Our Chéf recommends


 Lasagne radicchio e salsiccia  Gnocchi al sugo di carne  Tagliolini ai funghi porcini  Rigatoni salsiccia e ricotta
Lasagna with radicchio and sausage
Gnocchi with meat sauce
Tagliolini with porcini mushrooms
Rigatoni salsiccia e ricotta
 Risotto al vino rosso  Pecorino foglie noci  Arrosto di maiale  Pecora in umido
Risotto al vino rosso
Pecorino foglie noci
Arrosto di maiale
Pecora in umido
 Carrè di agnello  Soppressata molisana  Fagiano al vino rosso  Entrecote al vino rosso
Carré di agnello
Soppressata molisana
Fagiano al vino rosso
Entrecote al vino rosso


“The research, conducted in 1811 for the will of Joachim Murat, King of Naples at the time, is an irreplaceable witness to the state of existence of the newly formed Province of the Kingdom, Molise, and contains valuable information on the art of making wine in that territory dawn 800. the “Tintilia” was introduced in the second half of the eighteenth century, during the rule of Bourbon Spain and its name derives presumably dall’etimo Tinto in Iberian language means “red.” It is acclimated very well, thanks to its remarkable qualities of adaptation, it is a rustic vine that is resistant to cold, disease and attack by mold, and quickly spread on the territory of Molise. For centuries it was considered by the local population the variety of excellent quality, however, the lack of art in making good wine, he sacrificed the potential of this excellent product. Recent trends in consumption, aimed to rediscover the originality and quality, have reawakened interest in this great vine tied to the ancient traditions of the people of Molise, which identifies itself as one of the top unknown of the Molise region.
The foresight and perseverance of some winemakers, who have always believed in the untapped potential of this grape led to obtain, in ‘last decade, surprising results, with the production of this great Tintilia Reserve “Castello di Gambatesa”, which today we have the pleasure and the honor to propose to the connoisseurs of the World “

“In the Wine Show in Paris in 1900, a wine from Molise – Sannio Rosso – made from grapes Tintilia, was awarded the gold medal !”




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€360,00 (EUR)