The Langhe – La Morra 
They are a historical territory of Piedmont consists of an extended range of hills, situated between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti and bordering the Monferrato and Roero, other important regions of Piedmont. In addition to a remarkable industriousness in the tertiary sector, the area stands out for its renowned wine production: famous worldwide are the wines produced in the Langhe, especially the reds and among them the greatest Barolo. The equally famous white truffle of Alba.

Le Langhe  Veduta di La Morra   Vigneti nelle Langhe   
At the dawn of the second millennium was born the village of Murra, which later became La Morra. The town had in its history different dominations, from Marquises Falletti to the Duchy of Milan, and in 1631 to the Savoy House. Today La Morra is one of the recognized capital of Barolo, with seven paths that connect to the loop trail of Barolo and to that between the towns of ” Union of the countries of Barolo “.

Cru Galina
The road coming from La Morra, before entering in the village of Santa Maria, makes a wide curve to the right. Here it widens, further down the road, the vineyard Galina that goes to join the Church of Bricco, while upstream is located the vineyard Capalot. The cru Galina, of small extent, has an average height of 280 meters and an exposure to the east.

Calosso – Crotin
The territory of Calosso, located at 399 meters above sea level, presents the visitor with a thick chiseling of vineyards, with lovely colors conferred by the succession of the seasons, a spectacular panorama of the Langhe and Monferrato. Calosso is a small hill town nestled among the vineyards. The wine production includes important wines, such as Barbera and Viognier. This is one of the areas of Italy where the food is better and each country has its own characteristic trattoria where you can enjoy a good selection of dishes paired with fine wines and a proverbial courtesy.

Calosso    Calosso vineyards
Calosso also boasts wealth of great architectural value, among them the ancient medieval castle and the old town with a scenic route that winds its way underground, where are the “crotin” old cellars dug into the tuff of which are equipped with almost all the houses of the historical center and welcome visitors in the traditional Fair Rapulè in the fall.

Crotin di Calosso   Crotin di Calosso   Wine Bar Barolo friends

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