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Our Wines - Gennaro BuonoWe are pleased to welcome in our virtual boutique lovers of fine wines to whom dedicates this selection of the great wines of Mediterranean Europe regions, produced in limited quantities and of particular value. Our selection initially consists of great Italian wines and some fine wines French and Austrian. But over time enrich our proposal with wines from other countries of Mediterranean Europe. All wines come from small farms that produced and bottled for us in the property, wines made exclusively from the vineyards of their farming estate. This wines have very limited production of just a few of thousands of bottles for quality, all numbered and reserved for connoisseurs who want to taste a good glass of wine, hard to find in wine shops in Europe and the rest of the world.  Or make a valuable gift to friends or business partners. The selection is made by our consultant Gennaro Buono, Best Sommelier of Italy Aspi 2012 with International Diploma ASI and Head sommelier of  Capri Palace and  Aldrovandi Villa Borghese of Rome – 1 star Michelin.

Private Collection
Belong to this collection the reserves of our great wines and the finest products in the few thousands of bottles from our cellars. The bottles are numbered and available in limited quantities. These wines are particularly suited to exploit an important opportunity, a unique occurrence, or as a gift to friends or business partners.

Carvajale Brunello di Montalcino 2008   Rodotiglia Barbera d'Asti Riserva DOCG vintage 2011    Scipione Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva vintage 2011   Prius IGT Toscana vintage 2007

Platinum Card
The wines selected for the Platinum Card are an expression of the best quality production of our farms. They are all excellent wines, young white wines, while among red wines, some have a few years of aging. We chose them because they represent the typical characteristics of certain areas of production, are all tied to specific terroirs and produced with traditional techniques, that want to keep the original features of these products.

Piermartino Rosso di Montalcino DOC vintage 2012  Le Baussant rouge vintage 2010   Le Baussant rosé    Don Alfonso Feudi d'Avalos

Gold Card
The wines selected for the Gold Card are easy to drink, genuine, where the only link between the earth and the man is the experience in the vineyard. The whites are playful, light, companions of different times of day, while the reds are the expression of the fruit in its youth. Also these wines, like those of Private Collection, and the Platinum Card, are produced in small plots of vines. They represent some of the classic grape varieties in the different production areas.

Where to taste wines Luxe à Boire
For reasons of corporate strategy we not served groups of large retailers and wine shops. So private customers interested in buying the wine of the collections Luxe à Boire can make purchases directly in our virtual boutique, by consulting the Catalogue of the collections and the page tailor made service, while business customers can enter, requiring psw email, in the areas reserved for them to consult lists and conditions.

you can see “tailor made service” if you wish to make more exclusive your purchase or your gift