Italian Regions

Mappa dei vini italianiItaly is a country with a deep vocation wine making and has long held an important role in the wine world, also, for some years is also the world’s largest producer. Think of the wealth and variety of grapes and then wine, of which the majority has a long, testifying to a millenary culture. Every Italian region produces quality wine today. Wine is culture, art, history … excites with its typical and amazes with its differences. Each region contains a part of this great heritage, which form a unified view complete production. Our collections they want to represent the best of the various geographical areas and productive in Italy and are reserved for great wines, produced and bottled in the property, by small companies dedicated to the maintenance of a high quality. The Italian wine has almost 3,000 years, in fact, the cultivation of the vine spreads in Italy in the second millennium BC thanks to the contacts with peoples Cretans, Phoenicians and Greeks. But it is with the Roman civilization that wine production become a real art. So much so that the Romans assigned to one of their gods, the god Bacchus, the function of protector of lives.
Piedmont – Lombardy-  Veneto –  Friuli Venezia Giulia
This is an area particularly suited to the cultivation of the vine: a hilly terrain and a dry climate favors the production of quality. A land of great red wines, very likely with aging. Even in this region there are varieties of French imports such as Viognier, from which you get a great white wine of exceptional quality.

Langhe Wine bar  Wine Bar Barolo Friends   Osteria in Langhe
The Oltrepò Pavese is an area considered high wine vocation, thanks to its soil characteristics, land and climate, that are well suited to the cultivation of the vine. Of course, the extreme variability of climatic conditions mean that some areas will show more suited to certain varieties rather than others, just based on the genetic characteristics of the latter. The Valpolicella has always been a fertile territory, rich in water and vegetation, these qualities that enabled human settlements already in the primitive age. In the period of the Risorgimento for its wealth and its reputation of salubrious place, attracts the attention of the aristocracy of the time and its hills begin to get rich of villas with beautiful gardens and impressive parks, as well as by the unfailing vineyards. Friuli is characterized by a modern quality viticulture already developed around the middle of the last century. It is a region especially appreciated for the production of quality white wines. In addition to the traditional vineyards are indigenous varieties of fine French import. In the hills of Collio originate the best wines of the region, mainly whites, made ​​famous by a softness and delicacy of fragrances are hard to find elsewhere.

Dolegna of Collio   Collio vineyards  Collio Vineyards
Tuscany – Abruzzo – Molise
The Chianti zone gives birth to the wine of the same name, perhaps the most famous Italian wine in the world. The name Chianti is mentioned for the first time towards the end of the fourteenth century, but the wine as we know it today, based on Sangiovese, was codified in the nineteenth century by Baron Ricasoli. Originally the Chianti area stretching between Florence and Siena, but already in 1726 a notice of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany widened the area of production to neighboring lands.

Toscana Wine Resort Borro  Badia a Coltibuono  Typical farmahouses in Montalcino
Located between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso of Italy and Majella, the area benefits from extreme temperature changes between day and night, associated with good ventilation, to ensure an ideal microclimate lives, to vegetate and produce grapes of extraordinary quality. Such as Montepulciano, considered for several years one of the great red grapes of Italy.
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