Campobasso and Valley of Tappino
Until the mid-60s of last century, viticulture was more concentrated in the hilly interior of Campobasso and Isernia at altitudes varying from 250 to 600 m. later, with the reclamation of coastal areas and land reform, the cultivation of the vine moved into the flat areas and varieties once considered valid, were abandoned to make room for others. This was especially for Tintilia that was unjustly overlooked. Only the perseverance of a few farmers has prevented the definitive disappearance.

Valtappino vineyards  Molise region  Molise Region
Over the last 15 years the quality has taken a key role in the wine industry and after many years finally Molise unable to find its rightful place in the Italian wine scene, and most importantly, their own identity and typicality.

Cellars in Molise    Villa dei Conti CampobassoTintilia del Molise
Tintilia is a typical crus of the hilly area of Campobasso, where is created, through the typical soil, climate and grape variety, an almost unique exaltation of this wine. Related to the history and civilization of the agricultural Molise, Tintilia has its main characteristic in the remarkable charge of coloring substances and tannic of grape, transmitted almost entirely to wine, that for this reason it assumes a deep red, almost purple, even young.

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Typical Cuisine
Molise, the smallest Italian region, after the Aosta Valley, has a very special geographic location that is reflected, inevitably, also on its cuisine. While inland areas of the region, characterized by a wide mountainous region, dominate dishes of pork, sausages and brawn village – prepared according to ancient traditions – in the small stretch of coastline prevails, however, a more typical cooking marinara with dishes based on fish soups, risottos and soups. 

La Grotta di Concetta  Farmhouse San Pietro  Restaurant Acinello Trattoria da Filomena
Must try the tasty fascadielle, a particular type of polenta topped with meat sauce, bacon and cheese. The meat ago from owner on the tables of Molise, cooked in different ways and imaginative as the larduocchi (based on pork and pickled peppers) or, again, the leg of lamb stuffed with bacon, garlic, oil, salt and parsley. But there are plenty of dishes based on fish such as cod fried or cooked in the oven with potatoes – mullet n’gorda, made with fresh mullet stuffed with bread crumbs, and drunken prawns, seasoned with onion, basil, parsley and pepper.

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