Oltrepò Pavese
Since the times of the Roman Empire was considered an area of ​​production of quality wines. The Oltrepò Pavese is a hilly strip of land south of Lombardy known for being the meeting point of four regions: Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia Romagna.

Castle of Pietra de Giorgi  Oltrepò vineyards  Oltre Pò Pavese Castle
This peculiar characteristic makes the Oltrepò Pavese rich in cultures, languages​​, traditions and different cuisines, but well integrated with each other. This land is an ancient home of the vine, in fact, a vine shoot, dating back to prehistoric times, was found near Casteggio, once Clastidium, who became famous for a battle between Carthaginians and Romani. Strabone even attributed to the Oltrepò Pavese invention of the barrel.

Montalto Pavese     Montalto Pavese vineyards
The Viticulture and typical cuisine
The Oltrepò Pavese is an area considered to be at high vocation viticoladue to its geological characteristics, territorial and climatic, that are well suited to the cultivation of the vine. Of course, the extreme variability of climatic conditions mean that some areas show more suitable for some varieties than others, just on the basis of genetic characteristics of the latter. If it is true that the vine is cultivated a little everywhere in Oltrepò, it is also true that certain organoleptic characteristics will be achieved only by taking into account the specific circumstances of soil and climate in relation to the characteristics of the vines or in other words the interaction of vine and environment , meaning as the whole environment of the soil and the climate.

Oltrepò Pavese map    Cellars in Oltrepo Pavese
The grapes reach, for reasons over which the ground to the climate, excellent levels of ripeness, is capable of giving wines of vibrant body of supporting aging with the significant contribution of wood in winemaking. Here also the Pinot Noir with appropriate clones, shall provide enviable red wines.

Vecchie Osterie a Pavia  Trattorie a Pavia  Osteria del Previ Pavia

The local cuisine includes dishes of the tradition at Oltrepò Pavese including ravioli with braised beef, raw sausage, coppa from Piacenza, jugged wild boar with polenta, roasts, pisarei e fasò. Among these, there are products and traditional recipes that are characteristic of some countries. The areas are rich in mushrooms and truffles fine products that are the masters in the kitchens of the territory.

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