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The Collio is a hilly area divided between Italy and Slovenia and is located in the north eastern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The history of the Collio vineyards dates back pre-Roman times, and crosses the Middle Ages, a period when its vines were popular throughout Europe by the Emperor Charles V, the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the Tsar of Russia. Already in 1584, is cited that the archdeacon of Gorizia sent annually to the Patriarch of Aquileia various barrels Ribolla.

Trussio Castle Dolegna del Collio   Collio vineyards  Castle of Spessa

The territory became part of the Austrian coast of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was in the front line during the First World War and the bloodiest battles for the conquest of Gorizia were fought between its vineyards. It was assigned to Italy after the war.  A short distance from the mountains and the sea: the microclimate, unique for ventilation and temperature range, fits perfectly with the “ponca”, the characteristic soil of the Collio, ideal for the cultivation of the vine.

Wines & Vineyards

Vineyards in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The combination of Collio-quality wines is now known to all: names such as, yellow Ribolla and Pinot Gris are part of the elite of the bottles preferred by wine lovers. In 1964 was born the Consortium of Collio wines, with the aim of reunifying the best local producers, encouraging excellence in the quality of wine produced. Among the first in Italy, in 1968 the Consortium obtained the recognition of the Denomination of controlled origin.

Flavors of the border and homes of charm

Wine Bar de Feo in Cividale  Castle of Spessa cellar   
The Mitteleuropean influences translate into special sweets, shared with Trieste as presnitz and putizza. But to delight the palate there are other delicacies: the plum dumplings, ham of Cormòns, smoked cherry wood fire and bay leaf or red radish “Rose of Gorizia”, a particularity for few people. In these hills covered by vineyards, emerge here and there solitary farmhouses and even castles, where you can also stay overnight, as the castle of Spessa in Capriva del Friuli. Visit the taverns typical where lie big butts and professional winemakers reveal the secrets of their art!

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Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Grasulfo  Schioppettino Rodoaldo  Ribolla gialla del Collio Astolfo   Sauvignon del Collio Rachis

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