How we use cookies

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that the visited sites send to your browser and which are stored and then retransmitted to the site the next visit.

How cookies can be used?
Cookies can be used to monitor the sessions, to authenticate a user so that it can access a site without typing a name and password every time and to store your preferences.

Cookies used on this site

Name of cookie: _ga
What does it do? This cookie is used with Google Universal Analytics. This cookie allows Google to track unique users via a client identifier that is randomly generated.
Expires? After 2 years.

Name of cookie: _gat
What does it do? This cookie is used with Google Universal Analytics. Thia cookie is used to monitor and track visitors behavior on the site anonymously.
Expires? After 1 hour

Name of cookie: PHPSESSID
What does it do? The cookie is native to PHP and enables websites to store serialised state data. On the Action website it is used to establish a user session and to pass state data via a temporary cookie, which is commonly referred to as a session cookie.

Third-party cookies on the site uses cookies to store information about visitors preferences, on the pages you visit and depending on other information sent by your browser. use the free Google Analytics service. The data is used only for statistics on most visited pages, number of visitors, visits by operating system, browser, etc. Luxe à Boire has no control over these cookies. These parameters are stored in the Google servers on which their privacy  is treated in accordance with these guidelines.

If you want to navigate without the use of cookies you can disable them in your browser, following these instructions:

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