Luxury hotels

Enjoy great wines and exclusive food in elegant and unique environments with a charming host. Famous hotels in romantic residences and places of historical prestige, architecture and landscape. Beautiful tables laid with care and sophistication to accommodate their customers. Luxe à Boire has made a selection of these restaurants in Italy, with an indication of those where you can find wines of its collections.

The LàB selection of prestigious hotels in Europe and in the World

  • France :  Paris, Provence et Côte d’azur
  • Germany :  Wolfsburg
  • Greece:  Athens
  • Italy :   Rome, Venice, Amalfi coast, Capri, Costa Smeralda, Sicilian coast, Lake of Garda
  • Princedom of Monaco:  Montecarlo
  • Holland:  Roosteren
  • United Arabian Emirates:  Abu Dhabi, Dubai
  • United States of America: New York N.Y.

Where to taste wines Luxe à Boire
For reasons of corporate strategy we not served groups of large retailers and wine shops. So private customers interested in buying the wine of the collections Luxe à Boire can make purchases directly in our virtual boutique, by consulting the Catalogue of the collections and the page tailor made service, while business customers can enter, requiring psw email, in the areas reserved for them to consult lists and conditions.

Barolo Le Carrà Conti di Calosso      Villa Gorgo Amarone della Valpolicella      Scipione Chainti Classico Riserva       2215.  Le Baussant & LV UK      2208.  Le Baussant Rosé & UK

Below some hotels, where you can find the wine of the Luxe à Boire collections

Grande Albergo Excelsior Vittoria Sorrento  Italy - our wines are here -      Charlton Hotel  -  Wolfusburg  Germany - our wines are here -     St Regis  - Abu Dhabi  UAE  - our wines are here -

 Collections Luxe à Boire for occasions not to forget, a lifestyle!

Palazzo Manfredi Rome Italy       Hotel de Balzac  Paris - France       Sweet hotel on the Brandenburg Gate - Berlin  Germany