The trips to Malta are one of the most popular choices for summer holidays, tourists from around the world. The Republic of Malta is part of the Schengen Treaty and for that all EU citizens can travel freely throughout the archipelago with the simple identity card. Similarly, you do not need any permission for citizens with passports of the United States and Canada who wish to visit the island of Malta. For visitors from other countries, you must fill out an entry during the round trip on the plane or at the airport of arrival. You can check the documentation required for entry into the Republic of Malta by visiting the list of countries for which a visa is required for entry, or the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta.

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What to do in Malta
The lifestyle in the archipelago of Malta is typical of Mediterranean resort. Usually after lunch most of the shops are closed and the city almost stationary. So you can spend the day between the beaches and walks. In the evening, all the shops are open late, residents and tourists flock to the streets and the temperature much more pleasant. Malta is a destination for cruises and destination visited by tourists from many nations. The oldest and most picturesque is located in the capital region, full of architecture and archeology of the Roman period, while the other towns have recently built by the areas dedicated to the resorts, the town of St. Julian is very busy at night until dawn of the following day and full of tourists enjoying themselves in the local area.

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The beaches of Malta
Enjoy a holiday in Malta discovering the natural beauty of the archipelago offers: natural sea caves, coves, rocks and flora and fauna typical of the Mediterranean. The archipelago is made up of calcareous marine sediments. The coasts are high and lively, with deep inlets. The sandy beaches are hosted instead by natural inlets that. Many of the most beautiful spots in Malta and the surrounding islands are located away from population centers. The best way to enjoy the beautiful waters and beaches of the Maltese archipelago is to rent a small boat or take advantage of the cruises around the islands that depart from the major ports of the capital. The central location in the Mediterranean archipelago of Malta allows you to enjoy sea currents that keep the water always clean and beautiful .

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Tourism Offices:

Malta flagMalta Tourism Authority’s HQ Auberge d’Italie, Merchant street,
Valletta tel (+356) 229150 00 (+356) 229150 00 fax (+356) 229158 93.