Customers area Restaurants

Reserved area
This area is reserved for International Operators in the sector, to whom we offer a dedicated service. Our Sommelier Gennaro Buono, selector of the collections Luxe à Boire is available to colleagues for any information relating to wines, their characteristics and the vintages.

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United Kingdom & other countries of  EU
The terms of sale, shipping & delivery and availability of wines in the catalog are indicated in the “Conditions for Operators”:

  • To enter the page Conditions for Operators simply send us an email to: We will respond by sending the login password.
  • In order to maintain appropriate confidentialities of contract conditions, the mail must contain company name, VAT number and email address of the applicant. We will not hesitate to mails incomplete or missing required information.
  • To agree on a direct contact with our sales manager, we invite you to send us an email we will respond promptly, giving solution to your request:
  • On the grounds of corporate strategy and as a function of the small quantity of wines in our collections do not provide shops, supermarkets and large retail groups.
  • Therefore, our sales to Operators are exclusively reserved for:
    *  Hotels
    *  Restaurants
    *  Wine Bars

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Other country of the world
In the countries outside Europe the sales are made only to importers which will distribute the wines to hotels, restaurants and wine-bars.  The terms and conditions of sale in these countries will be agreed with interested importers from time to time, according to the law on customs and tax regulations in different countries.