Tailor Made Service

The customized service of Luxe à Boire
The wine labels of the collections Luxe à Boire can be customized to your cellar or the cellar of a friend or a business partner who wants to make a gift unique and prestigious. This customization may be carried out for a minimum quantity of 60 bottles for single quality.

Don Diego Feudi d'AVALOS   Carvajale Rocca dei Simoncelli   Simoncello Rocca dei Simoncelli   Villa Gorgo Amarone Conti di Gorgo
Le Baussant Château de Plaissis   Crotin di Calosso   Don Vincenzo Castello di Gambatesa   Rachis Ducato Longobardo

The packaging
All wines of the collections, if you so request, can be supplied in gift boxes of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bottles at no additional cost, delivered in packaging security containing a variable number of Box containing, in relation to the desired size.

 Packaging   Packaging   Packaging   Packaging        

Private & Corporate gifts
Luxe à Boire offers excellent proposals for gift wrapping to private and business with any customizations beyond those labels. The External Relations Service is at your disposal for any information and to estimate the expenditure depending on your needs.

Also, can treat, at your request, the shipment of gifts to Europe and the rest of the world, where it is allowed to ship wine. To contact the external relations of the just send an email to: relations@luxeaboire.co.uk

Cadeau 1 bouteille        Set  Luxe à Boire        Cadeau3 bouteilles         Cadeau 3 bouteilles

Lists of wedding and parties
What better occasion of the wedding to create a beautiful cellar with great wines of different vintages, or resort to the advice of our Gennaro Buono for choosing wines to combine with wedding dinner or party for celebrate something very unyque.

Gennaro BuonoGennaro Buono
expert and refined sommelier,
Best Sommelier of Italy ASPI 2012
Restaurant Manager the Pagliaccio of Rome 2 Michelin stars.
Please contact us by sending a message to:  select@luxeaboire.co.uk


Carvajale & LV LàB Italia    Christmas 2014    Le Baussant & LV France    2203. Le Carrà & LV sito UK   2202. Villa Gorgo & LV sito UK