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Galà "a cena con gli Asburgo" Villa Manin International 2008 CSI3S

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Sommelier a Villa Gorgo     Concerto della Fenice al Villa Manin International      Mostra costumi della Fenice di Venezia     Galà Palazzo Brancaccio

CSI Villa Manin 2008


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Cartier Queen's Cup au Guards Polo Club      Bandiere al CSI     Regata classe Star     Golf Club Lignano Manager Cup
The Luxe à Boire is very active in participating to events, from culture to sport, with particular attention to those in the sector enogastronico such sommelier courses, tastings, thematic dinners, and presentations of exclusive products. In this regard Luxe à Boire also sponsoring the association Wine Food & Travels, with which it plans the organization and realization of a number of interesting national events.