Luxury hotels in Amalfi Coast

Where to taste wines Luxe à Boire
For reasons of corporate strategy we not served groups of large retailers and wine shops. So private customers interested in buying the wine of the collections Luxe à Boire can make purchases directly by consulting the Catalogue of the collections, while business customers can enter, requiring psw email, in the areas reserved for them to consult lists and conditions.

Belvedere Belmond Hotel Caruso  –  selected Michelin
piazza San Giovanni del Toro  Ravello 

Belvedere Restaurant    Belvedere Restaurant   Belvedere Restaurant by night

Il Papavero – 1 star Michelin  –  our wines are here Giuseppe Garibaldi  Eboli

Restaurant Il Papavero   Restaurant Il Papavero    Restaurant Il Papavero

Terrace Bosquet Hotel Excelsior Vittoria – 1 star Michelin – our wines are here
piazza Torquato Tasso   Sorrento

terrazza Bosquet   Excelsior Vittoria    Terrazza Bosquet

Rossellinis – 1 star Michelin
Sasso Palace  via San Giovanni del Toro -Ravello

Rosellinis Ravello Sasso Palace    Rosellinis Ravello Sasso Palace 2    Sasso Palace dining Rosselinis terrace

Il Buco – 1 star Michelin
2a Rampa Marina Piccola,  Sorrento

Il Buco ingresso   Ristorante Il Buco in Sorrento   ristorante il Buco

La Torre del Saracino – 2 stars Michelin
via Torretta  –  Marina d’Equa Vico Equense

Torre del Saracino   Torre del Saracino   Torre del Saracino

Maxi of the Hotel Capo la Gala – 1 star Michelin
via Luigi Serio  Vico Equense

Ristorante Maxi  Ristorante Maxi 2 Sorrento   Ristorante Maxi Sorrento      

Re Maurì of the Lloyd’s Baia Hotel
Ss. 18   Vietri a mare

Restaurant Re Maurì   2tg   Restaurant Re Marì