What is
It is a club for lovers and connoisseurs of quality wines that offers the opportunity to periodically buy a selection of exclusive wines of Luxe à Boire Collections on privileged terms and to receive invitations to partecipate in the tasting LàB.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Best Club

  • Discounts off list price
  • Free Delivery for a case of 6 bottles in all European Union countries belonging to the bands A and B of our Delivery table
  • Possibility of reservation of bottles of wine with vintages of Private Collection in aging
  • Sending of the password entry in the “Best Club Offers” with the proposals reserved to the members of the Club. The Password is valid for access to sites: and
  • Sending an email communication to inform of the publication of a new offering in the “Best Club Offers”

What it offers
All members will receive email communication of insertion of new offerings in the page dedicated to them and any member may request the forms of wines from the proposal selection or any form of other wine of Luxe à Boire Collections. If interested, the member will send an e-mail order with the list of wines required and request counts, or send an email with the order and the references of payment. The shipment will be scheduled immediately.

  • Delivery is free only for the order of a case of 6 bottles.
  • The case can also be mixed, however, with assorted wines from the same region.

The Collections
The wines of Luxe à Boire Collections are not known by the general public because products in very limited quantities and reserved for a select and exclusive clientele. The selections are made by Gennaro Buono, Best Sommelier of Italy Aspi 2012, for years at the top of the professional sommelier. The collections are four:

  • Caveau
  • Private Collection 
  • Platinum Card 
  • Gold Card

These currently consist of Italian wines produced in six different regions and French wines of Provence, which will soon be joined Bordeaux wines and Côtes du Rhône wines and followed by other countries. The bottles of wines selected for the collections are handmade and with a very accurate packaging.

Where to taste wines Luxe à Boire
For reasons of corporate strategy we not served groups of large retailers and wine shops. So private customers interested in buying the wine of the collections Luxe à Boire can make purchases directly by consulting the Catalogue of the collections, while business customers can enter, requiring psw email, in the areas reserved for them to consult lists and conditions.

LàB tasting in Holland  LàB tasting in Holland  LàB tasting in Holland
Tastings Luxe à Boire
The valorisation of the great wines of Luxe à Boire and the gastronomic tradition of Italy and French are among the main objectives of the Club. These countries have an heritage, rich in history, culture and traditions that in the cuisine it has one of the highest representations of the values ​​that it compose. In this regard, we foresee the construction of tastings with wines from LàB collections and typical and delicious dishes of different territories.

Club membership is completely free. If you want more information contact us at this address:

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