Wines & territories

Le Baussant RosèChâteau de PlaissisThe brand for French wines is inspired by the Knights of the Temple, Order very powerful and widespread in France, up to the early years of fourteenth century. Chateau de Plaissis is dedicated to Philippe de Plaissis, thirteenth Grand Master of the Order and the name “Le Baussant”, attributed to the wines selected, refers the banner of the Templars “the Baussant” or the Baucent, by some translated “I’m worth for hundred”.           

CRotin Conti di Calosso Conti di Calosso: Calosso was an important fiefdom in feudal times,  belonged to the Counts Roero. In this area there are the products Crotin, an excellent viognier and reserve Rodotiglia a refined Barbera d’Asti. The names are derived from typical places of the territory, the Crotin, underground natural caves of Calosso. To this brand belongs also a great Barolo, of particular value, called “Le Carra” from the ancient barrels to transport, with whom Juliette Colbert de Maulevrier, Marquise of Barolo sending its great wine to King Carlo Alberto of Savoy .

Il Pellegrino La Francigena: After covering the territory of the Piedmont plain after crossing the rivers Sesia and Ticino, along the Francigena, it came in the territory of Pavia. At the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Via Francigena remained to indicate to the pilgrims, merchants, kings and emperors how to get to Rome. Along the way, the Templars and the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem provided hospitality to travelers and pilgrims. This brand is designed for the wines of the Oltrepò Pavese territory.

Villa Gorgo Amarone Conti di Gorgo: the province of Verona is behind the eastern shore of Garda Lake, known for the beauty of its landscape with green hills and gentle slopes. Small hamlets with magnificent villas, symbol of ancient and refined prosperity and even castles, monasteries and ancient Romanic churches, testimonies of great artistic and historical interest. In the heart of the province, is the Valpolicella, a land rich in flavors where, among the many beautiful and historic villas, the wine tradition dominates as a characteristic element of the territory in which are produced the finest wine known around the world, the prestigious Amarone.

Vectari Riserva Ducato LongobardoDucato Longobardo: the Duchy of Friuli was founded in 569 by Alboin and was among the most influential of the entire Longobard kingdom. So also in recognition and appreciation of quality achieved by winegrowers of Friuli it is chosen this fruitful period of history which brand for wines selected to which were devoted the names of some dukes feudal lords who helped make this great territory.

Donna Clara Chianti RiservaRocca dei Simoncelli: the House Simoncelli, originated in 1300 by a branch of the Carvajal of Spain. In Italy, the family expanded and acquired feuds in various regions of Italy, including Tuscany. Its descendants have the insignia of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem since 1554. The Rocca dei Simoncelli is situated in Trevignano and consists of the ruins of one of the castles that belonged to them. This brand brings together four lines of exclusive wines, from the most prestigious areas of Tuscany: Siena, Florence, Bolgheri and Montalcino.

Don Diego Riserva Feudi d'Avalos MontepulcianoFeudi d’Avalos: the d’Avalos represented one of the most important families of the Kingdom of Naples. Among the various titles and feuds had the Marquisate of Pescara where there are the vineyards of our fine wines from Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. The names of the wines in this line are dedicated to illustrious descendants of this House. These wines are a good example of the best expression of the Abruzzi viticulture.

1802. Don RiccardoCastello di Gambatesa: the territory of Gambatesa is an area on the border between the mountain ranges of Molise and the plateau of Puglia. The castle dominates the valley of the Tappino, where there are the vineyards that produce our exclusive Tintilia of Molise. The first Lord of this feud known to the news of the end of the thirteenth century was Richard of Pietravalle. At the end of the fifteenth century the feud passed to the family di Capua and the Castle began to change from defensive structure in stately structure.

GuiscardTerre degli Altavilla: Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and has an ancient vocation for vine growing, the Greek settlers which came to Naxos, first began the production of the famous Sicilian wines. The ideal climatic conditions resemble the territories of California and Australia. Its territory has a long history, from the incursions of the Vandals and Goths to Belisario, who at the head of the Byzantines defeated them and released it. Later it was conquered by Roger of Altavilla and became an important feud Norman.

Priorato La Torre dei Cavalieri Dolcetto d'AlbaLa Torre dei Cavalieri: this brand is dedicated to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, later became Knights of Malta and was created by Luxe à Boire Malta for its territory, in memory of the Order that for several centuries ruled the Island. The wines belonging to this brand are in the catalogs of all Luxe à Boire.