Italian delights

The Italian luxury products
Wine and oil are products founding of the Mediterranean gastronomy. Italy has an impressive culinary tradition with deep roots that has developed over the centuries passing unharmed through the political and social changes.

The Oils Selection

Italian Oil MapOmero called it “liquid gold”, in ancient Greece, athletes ritually rubbed it all over the body. His mystical glow lit up the story. Olive oil has been more than just food for the peoples of the Mediterranean: it has been medicinal, magical, an endless source of fascination and wonder and the fountain of great wealth and power. The cultivation of the olive tree has ancient roots, Italy is the second largest producer of olive oil, with production spread in different regions. To the characteristics of the plant, which requires a mild climate, the cultivation of olive trees in Italy is widespread in the central and southern regions while in the North, the production is more limited, but increasing, particularly in some areas to microclimate more temperate, such as Liguria and the hills around Lake Garda.

Oils Collection

Oil and millstoneThis selection, although mainly aimed at “wine world” doesn’t intend to overlook other, excellent products, typical and representative of the great Italian tradition. In this regard, we have selected some extra virgin olive oil, produced by small crushers in a few thousand bottles, to be offered in our “Best Selection”. A proposal of the highest quality, reserved to lovers of this ancient and prestigious product of the Mediterranean, with the hope to offer very soon, other exclusive products of Italian gastronomy.


Italian traditional ProductsThe Italians are a people of gourmets who love to enjoy of the good table, savoring the tastes and discovering the traditions, history and culture transmitted through food and products. Italy is rich in gourmet products of great value for fine dining and luxury. Oddly enough, the first on the list is saffron. The most expensive spice in the world is derived from the pistils of the flower of Crocus, originally from Asia and the Mediterranean countries, is an element often used in cooking, even in traditional Italian dishes such as risotto yellow. What makes it so valuable is the difficulty of cultivation: Need huge areas with care at every stage of processing, also in the harvesting is done by hand. The whole procedure brings the price up to 10 thousand dollars per kilo.


Italian Gourmet Alba trufflesSince ancient times’ his presence on the table was an indication of nobility ‘and power of the person who it offered, as it was considered by most food of the Gods. Among all the white truffles d ‘Alba is surely the most sought after and the most liked on tables all over the world, its size can vary from a few grams to reach beyond the kilogram. It comes with a rounded shape yellow ocher or olive yellow, sometimes greenish, depending on the areas of collection and its degree of ripeness. Its period of maturation and harvest runs from September to December, but often it can bear fruit even in July and August. And ‘use exclusively raw, because’ does not bear any cooking; must be cut with the tool slicer, as finely as possible, it is no coincidence that Gioacchino Rossini, called him the Mozart of mushrooms. Its price varies depending on the vintage year and as a reference for the price you can consider the bag of truffles of Asti.