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The pairing of wines with foods
The pairing is the art of harmonizing wines to dishes to enhance the flavor and come to their valued time. The meal is eaten more and assimilates better if you drink appropriate wines. To choose the right ones is appropriate to take account of the suggestions arising from observation and experience, but you should always follow them with a critical mind, not as commandments for good reason: as much as the taste of those who drink the wine that is drunk are changeable and evolve over time, and the rules, by their nature, are fixed and can not be modified. The sensations caused by food and those suggested by the wine must be harmonized without one prevails over the other. A very tasty preparation can not be borne by a light wine, as well as a light meal is overwhelmed by a full bodied wine. To achieve the goal of harmony combinations you can do to contrast or similarity.

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Pairing for contrast
The sapidity, the trend bitter and acidic tendency are the hardness of the food and determine a certain aggressiveness in the mouth, more or less decided depending on the situation. To dampen these hardships, the wine offered in combination must have excellent softness, in full respect of the principle of contrast. The greasiness of the food is a tactile sensation perceived as a sense of slipperiness caused by the presence of an oily fluid in the mouth, requires, therefore, that the wine pairing to counteract this effect with the roughness. The components of the wine that express a certain roughness are tannins. A braised in red wine, rich and unctuous texture, directs the choice a red wine of the body, even mature. If we have to pair wine with salad seafood topped with a fragrant extra virgin olive oil is an ideal white wine with discreet alcohol. At food with a good succulence it have to match a wine with alcohol content comparable.

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Pairing by similarity
The pairing by similarity is necessary if the sensations of food are: sweetness, aroma, spice. All of the dishes require a sweet wine with a proper sense of sweetness. At a party to accompany the final cake with Champagne or sparkling brut is a serious mistake, because the sweetness of the dessert requires the sweetness of the wine, in adequate measure. Cold cuts and cheese dishes with saffron and curry, cinnamon and many other spices create a strong impact and incisive, and even the wine pairing must have a strong intensity of taste and smell, so they will not prevail nor wine nor the food. Almost all cheeses have a major taste-olfactory persistence and often many wines offered in conjunction fall on this feature, because not all wines, both red and white, are able to withstand this comparison played on persistence. Jugged hare, full of intensity and structure, will be perfect with a full-bodied red wine.

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Pairing for tradition and seasonality
Each region, each locality has a little-known cured meat, cheese or a particular recipe forgotten in a drawer. In previous years, the availability of food was very limited. This has led to combining foods and wines according to tradition, based on the products of that area. These couplings are much loved by local residents, who see in this link between the food and the wine of their land. These proposals are also appreciated by tourists, which in this way have the feeling of entering into the spirit of the places and discover the gastronomic and cultural roots. The rains and mists of autumn, frost and winter snow, are related to food high in fat, processed and structured counseling pairings with the wines of the body, preferably red and evolved, served at elevated temperatures. The spring and summer bring to the table the bright colors of the vegetables, pasta dishes with light sauces based on vegetables, with shellfish, fish and white meats, fresh cheeses and soft, frozen desserts and cakes with fruit fresh. In these cases, the wines have to be white or at least young people, possibly sparkling, not very structured and served fresh.

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Pairing for development and psychology
Special occasions, significant moments of life, different proposals require pairing with a meal. Here comes the sensitivity and psychological insight of the sommelier, who recommended in the restaurant the guests with discretion. A meeting of old friends has a different atmosphere from that of a business lunch. Among the wines in the wine card the sommelier should propose the most suitable to the plate and the situation. For a dinner we will orient towards pleasant wines, compared to those of a room for the closure of a major contract. In the latter case, the host chooses and important wines of international repute. But the advice should always be very discreet, on boiled lobster may also dare to propose a most important wine or a sparkling vintage.