Andau is well known for the most sunshine and the highest temperature peaks in Austria. This is not just a tourist attraction of the eastern wine-growing town in Austria, but also guarantees fully ripe grapes and sumptuous and full-bodied wine, with approximately 40 ha of own land in the best locations at Andau belong the large wineries of Burgenland.

Vineyards in Burgenland  Vineyard in Burgenland   Vineyard in Burgenland
Full-bodied and rich red wines are produced under the influence of the hot, continental Pannonian climate, in the eastern region of Burgenland. Within this area, there are many distinctions that play an equally important role. For example, the Eisenberg hill in the most southerly part of Burgenland, enjoys a complex soil structure and touch of refreshing climatic influences from neighbouring Steiermark, that provide ideal growing conditions for Blaufränkisch and other red winevarieties with fine mineral characters and unmatched elegance.

Mountain Church Burgenland Austria     Burgenland
The dense loam soils of Mittelburgenland and the area around Pöttelsdorf north of the Rosaliagebirge produce Blaufränkisch  with particularly deep fruit and exceptional length. In Neusiedlersee-Hügelland, on the west shores of Neusiedlersee (Lake Neusiedl), it produces variety of wines with expressive minerality and tannins. The soils on the east-facing slopes of the Leithagebirge (Leitha mountain range) consist principally of limestone and slate, providing a unique terroir for Blaufränkisch, yet also for complex white wines, especially Weißburgunder, Chardonnay and Grüner Veltliner. Exceptional dessert wines, such as the legendary Ruster Ausbruch, complete the range of Burgenland’s wine-prodution.

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Neusiedlersee – the diversity of Zweigelt – Strong wines and great names
The Neusiedlersee wine-growing region is situated on the eastern shores of the Neusiedlersee or Lake Neusiedl. The designated vineyard area stretches from the wine town of Gols in the north, through the flat terrains of the Heideboden and down to the Seewinkel,adjacent to the Hungarian border. A wide variety of grapes flourish on its 7,649 hectares. The wines also are available with the additional designation of “Reserve” either as a pure Zweigelt or as a Zweigelt cuvée blend.

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