Austrian Regions

Austria, with four wine regions and sixteen areas of cultivation for a total of 60,000 hectares is a wine country rather small. The wine is part of Austrian culture for thousands of years, marks the seasons and vineyards characterize some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country such as the Wachau in Lower Austria, the steep hills of Southern Styria and sunny landscapes around Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland.

Austrian Wines     Austrian Wines
The largest wine region is the Lower Austria, which is the region around Vienna, but even in the capital itself (Vienna is the only European capital to produce wine within their own municipality) vineyards extend over more than 700 hectares of land . Prevails the production of white wines, some of which are counted among the ranks of the best world’s wines. The reds are a bit ‘less known but reserve pleasant discoveries.

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Andau is well known for the most sunshine and the highest temperature peaks in Austria. This is not just a tourist recall of the wine-growing town in eastern Austria, but also guarantees fully ripe grapes and sumptuous and full-bodied wine. With approximately 40 ha of own land in the best locations at Andaus belong the larger wineries in Burgenland. The fun-lascivious attitude combined with the perfectionism in winemaking produce unique value.

Pannonian Diversity in Eastern Austria and in the Heart of Europe
The lake Neusiedl lies in the easternmost province of Austria. This region around the steppe lake, with over 2 000 hours of sunshine annually, is one of the most popular holiday areas in Austria. Sport, culture, nature, wine or fine food. Culture can be found everywhere. Whether operetta, opera, classical music or rock festivals – the region around the lake offers musical entertainment of the finest quality and to everyone’s taste.

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Galleries, museums and exhibitions by many artists round off the cultural offerings in the lake area. Sport enthusiasts in particular, will enjoy themselves here on Lake Neusiedl. Cycling, sailing, wind surfing, kite surfing, hiking or golfing – boredom is an unknown word here and diversions are always available. Special culinary treats made with regional delicacies guarantee an exceptional gastronomic experience. The Pannonian climate and the soils in the Lake Neusiedl wine-growing area provide optimal conditions for the wine industry. Numerous national and international awards verify the outstanding quality of our wines.